Our commitments to ESG matters are part of our DNA, in particular in relation to the development of a sustainable business model. We dedicate as much effort as possible to imbuing our growth with a framework of sustainability.

Sustainable working place

From an organisational perspective, FundGlobam applies a fairness chart covering aspects such as fair working conditions, anti-discrimination measures, gender equality, anti-mobbing provisions, as well as continuous professional development.

Staff equality rules

We do not have any discriminative criteria when hiring staff and our wage policy does not consider any criteria which does not reflect the experience and merits of the candidates. The staff is composed of male/female, senior/junior personnel coming from different backgrounds (diff. country of origin, diff. spoken languages, inter alia). Our staff masters six different languages.

Permanent training

Market intelligence on investment fund distribution is part of our main assets; this market intelligence is first shared among our staff through a permanent training program. Additional external/ad-hoc trainings are provided as part of employee promotion.

Green impacts

We do our best to keep climate impact at a minimum, in particular, by:

  • Using balanced working conditions and allowing teleworking whenever presence in the office is not required – which is the new norm since the 16th of March due to the pandemic
  • Promoting the use of electronic documents, reducing  printing by more than 90%
  • Promoting remote video means for internal meetings, client meetings and conferences
  • Reducing travels whenever possible

KYC commitments

In the course of our KYC process and relationship with our clients and partners, we assess their ESG commitment as mandatory conditions prior to their onboarding.

FundGlobam HR governance

As entrepreneurial business, FundGlobam, its founder and all governance bodies have installed sound and constructive dialogue practices. The volume of our clients has grown steadily together with our footprint in the industry. As for our staff, they have likewise grown and become more and more international and stable. We do our best at all times to make sure that any decision at the committee level is agreed upon on an unanimous basis. These decisions are the product of the measured assessment of our key staff members.

FundGlobam to support ESG strategies

FundGlobam prides itself on assisting investment managers and investment advisors in the creation of their ESG product range. We strive to bring our expertise and knowledge in ESG matters by including ESG as part of our integrated solution to key market players.

Les Matinales de la Distribution focusing on sustainable finance

Our recent annual conference (“Les Matinales de la Distribution/The Fund Distribution Breakfasts”) on the 5th of November was focused on “Sustainable Investment: towards a more ethical model ” (refer to fundglobam.com).
FundGlobam is very active in advocating the ESG approach among the investment community thanks to its DNA and expertise in sustainable philosophy.