About us

A few words about us, our team and our DNA

Our firm

Founded in 2009, FundGlobam is an expert firm focused on the knowledge and the practice of the fund distribution markets.

Our approach is based on a permanent investment in global fund market expertise with a particular deep focus on distribution.

Headquartered in Luxembourg with a branch in Paris, we provide solutions to the asset management community from all domiciles to supporting the distribution of investment funds and asset management services across the globe.

Our clients

Our clients are asset managers, asset servicers, and investment funds.
They are located in 15+ domiciles, in which North/South/Western EU markets, Switzerland, the UK, the US, Middle-East, and offshores.

Our partners

Our network 

We are partnering with various categories of providers devoted to asset management, including asset servicers (custodian, fund administrator, transfer agent, etc.), third-party management companies, distributors, platforms, service providers and local servicers. We also manage a network of local service providers in various cross-border markets.


We entered into strategic and/or commercial partnerships to facilitate our clients accessing to a large range of expertise and services.

Our offices

In Luxembourg

We are headquartered in Luxembourg, hosting inter alai the major part of our back office.

In France

FundGlobam France is our subsidiary in Paris; we are member of the French AFG, Association de la Gestion Financière (www.afg.asso.fr).

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