Reaching Investors is the unique challenge of fund distribution

At FundGlobam, we consider all the areas of competences of the distribution of investment funds, inter alia strategy, market positioning, promotion, marketing, operations, taxation, risks, compliance, etc.

End to end solutions

Our all-in end to end solutions provides appropriate managed services to asset managers to efficiently support their distribution in domestic and foreign markets Our solutions are based on a 3-pillar approach structured on the following elements:

  1. MARKET INTELLIGENCE: master 80+ distribution markets >> Learn more
  2. DISTRIBUTION SUPPORT: best-in class operational support and outsourcing solutions >> Learn more
  3. BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT: develop network, projects, distribution vehicles >> Learn more

These all-in end to end solutions are made available on FundGlobam DiGital, our online platform providing you with:

  • A unique integrated outsourcing fund distribution support solution, with global coverage across over 80 markets in full compliance with all local regulatory requirements
  • An efficient integration of market intelligence and operational support across the fund distribution value chain
  • The optimisation of time-to-market and operational workload, as well as the reduction of operating costs thanks to an integrated online solution