Business need

Canadian investors from different provinces of Canada expressed interest in the European fund range of a Tier 1 French asset manager. The asset manager needed a quick response on two questions: Is it permitted to distribute its funds to the investors in Canada? If so, what are the requirements?

FundGlobam's role

FundGlobam’s team provided a detailed report on how its European fund range can be marketed in the relevant provinces of Canada. The report included roadmaps of the applicable regimes in Canada and a detailed analysis of the specific legislation and regulation of each province as well as the national frameworks implemented across multiple provinces of Canada.


FundGlobam’s analysis has provided the asset manager with the insight it to confirm that its European fund range is eligible for distribution in Canada, but only to certain categories of investors. The asset manager had local presence and met local substance requirements. The asset manager notified its funds for distribution to certain types of investors in two provinces.