Business need

EU UCITS marketing funds labeled green, sustainable, SRI or ESG in France, and wishing to communicate on non-financial criteria have  to comply with recent French AMF’s 2020-03 guidelines. A gap analysis is required; however, the consistency requirements between offering documents, principally prospectus and KIIDs, marketing documents and advertising imposed by this new AMF guidelines trigger actions to be taken shortly.

FundGlobam's role

FundGlobam helped the EU UCITS management companies to define the gaps between marketing materials, principally monthly factsheets and website, and assess the list of changes to apply in offering documents and in marketing materials.


Marketing material plays an essential role in fund sales. Each jurisdiction laid out its own marketing material rules. FundGlobam monitors closely each of these rules and provide asset managers with a comprehensive guidance under different forms of services to guarantee the regulatory compliance of any material provided on any form. There is therefore no risk to the brand’s reputation in the market and, incidentally, we avoid any regulatory constraints, sanctions and possibly imposed termination of marketing.